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Using Video in Demand Generation - Vidyard Chalk Talks

If you're responsible for demand generation in a B2B marketing team, chances are, some of these challenges here are all too familiar. You might be under pressure to generate more leads at the top of the funnel, or to produce better, higher quality leads for passing off to your sales team. Maybe you’re under pressure to improve conversion rates at each stage of the buyer's journey to help shorten deal cycle and accelerate pipeline. Or to improve the efficiency of your own marketing programs, as well as that of the sales team, who you are passing your leads off to. The reality is, you're probably trying to do some, if not all of these, at the same time, and it's extremely difficult. In this episode of Chalk Talks we'll explore how you can use video across a myriad of demand gen programs to help address these challenges head-on and set yourself up for future success.